Patios can create a useful space in the garden and can be used to house a garden building such as a shed or a pergola.  We can create a patio from scratch for you or renovate an existing area to update it or give it a new look. Patios are perfect entertaining areas. A place to sit and relax and enjoy the garden. They work for any size of garden and can be built into unusual shapes to accommodate existing garden features, or boundaries. Our service involves helping you plan the patio area – where it should be located and how big it should be. If the patio will also house a garden shed or other garden building, we can help you pick what will work best best and where to locate it. Once you know what you need and where, we can arrange a time to visit the property and install the new patio area.  If you are also using us to supply and install a garden building, we can coordinate the project to take place once the patio is finished.

Public Liability Insurance

Limit of Indemnity: £2,000,000.00

Policy:. CHBI3999191XB

Co. No.  14784371 
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